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History of Air Conditioning Training School


In 1976, Dave Nance recognized the need to provide air conditioning and refrigeration training for offshore drilling operation personnel such as electricians, mechanics and engineers, who without any prior training or experience had been assigned the responsibility of maintenance of HVACR systems. Nance felt an obligation to reduce the horrendous expense of land-based HVACR contractors going offshore to make, too often, minor repairs. So the HVACR seminar school was put into action to teach the basic theory of the refrigeration cycle, the understanding of the functions of components and a new ability to diagnose problems, make minor repairs and to superintend more effectively larger sub contracted projects while staying within EPA regulations. The seminars became a real success as attested to by the thousands of students who have attended and on their return to their jobsite created a very high cost efficient and rapid return on investment. Nance is very proud in its role of helping make this amazing offshore industry a bit more efficient and profitable. He wants to extend these one-week seminars that are used for experienced technicians and mechanics into a formal 10-week course for those wanting to learn the air conditioning profession from the ground up.



What to Expect

HVACR means working with heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. A great profession with many opportunities! As a student at Air Conditioning Training School Inc. you will be trained on the entry-level skills so that you can become a self-sufficient technician as you gain more knowledge with your future employer. You will learn skills such as brazing, charging, troubleshooting and repairing air conditioning and refrigeration systems. You will learn the basics of HVACR installation. These are all important skills to becoming a well-rounded technician. You will have some lecture and discussion of these topics. Most of the class time will be hands-on or lab activities that will apply what you need to know as a technician. Employers want you to be able to demonstrate these important skills quickly upon being hired. You will have some homework and study requirements. These are kept at a minimum of a few hours a week. Your skills will be tested both on paper and how you apply your knowledge in the practical lab exercises. We have equipment that is found in the field. This experience will help you to quickly become a valuable apprentice team member of an HVACR contractor.

Description of Facilities

Our clean, remodeled facility includes a 476 square foot classroom and two fully-equipped laboratories 868 square feet and 441 square feet. The classroom includes high definition visual equipment, comfortable seats and spacious work areas. The labs include both residential and commercial heating and cooling equipment. This equipment is used for troubleshooting and installation practice. The school provides common test instruments and brazing equipment used in the profession. Students will be loaned basic hand tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, etc. These basic hand tools will be required for employment.

Well Equipped Facilities

Our facilities use current technology and equipment that the entry-level technician will find in the field. For example, Air Conditioning training includes working on R-22 and R-410A air conditioning systems. It also includes troubleshooting semi-hermetic compressors. Each person will gain experience installing, brazing, charging and troubleshooting HVACR systems.

The labs are equipped with the tools of the trade. Class support tools include the use of refrigeration gauges, electrical test instruments, use of vacuum pumps and refrigerant recovery units.

Educational Requirement

Air Conditioning Training School does not have an educational requirement. We are here to help you gain a basic skill from the level of education you have at this point of your life. Many employers require a high school or GED  to be hired. College credit is a plus. We encourage those interested in working in our profession to obtain as much education as possible. The HVACR field is a life-long learning experience which includes knowledge such as basic communicating, writing and math skills.

Small Classes

Air Conditioning Training School assures a good learning environment by keeping class size small. Maximum enrollment per class is 15 students. Minimum enrollment is 10 students. Small class sizes allow maximum hands-on expose for all students. All of our graduates will have a full hands-on experience with air conditioning and heating equipment. This is an active class which transfers into good job skills.

Discrimination Statement

Air Conditioning Training School is committed to the principle of providing equality of treatment and opportunity to all persons in an environment which appreciates and respects the diversity of the community it serves. Prospective and current students will not be denied admission or training on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, handicap, sexual orientation, age or veteran status. All prospective and active students will be treated fairly and equally.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Air Conditioning Training School is to provide entry-level training for anyone interested in learning about the air conditioning, heating, refrigeration and the ventilation field. We offer the highest quality training which emphasizes classroom and hands-on training that will help you succeed in this career.  The HVACR profession needs you and we are here to see that you will succeed.

Personal Interviews and Facility Tour

Prospective students and their families are encouraged to visit our school before registering. We would personally like to take you on a tour of our training facility. You will see that we have a learning environment that includes a classroom and lab setting. The lab setting is used to develop the skills you will use in the field. These skills include installing, servicing and troubleshooting heat and air conditioning equipment. Our program has a big emphasis on hands-on skills. We want you to be valuable to a new employer as soon as possible. Contact Leslie Nance at 409-838-6127 or to arrange for your personal interview and tour.

EPA Certification

To become a HVACR technician you will need to be EPA Certified to handle refrigerant. This is a federal government requirement. We will train you to pass the exam. Most students pass this exam the first time they take it. You will not need to retest when you pass the EPA exam. It is a life-long certification.

Certificate of Completion

A certification of completion will be granted to all participants that complete all required laboratory work, pass all required exams and pass the EPA Certification exam with a minimum of Core and Type II. If you fail a course exam, you will have the opportunity to retest after normal class hours. The EPA exam has a cost. Your first test is paid for by your tuition. You will need to pay an additional fee if you retest for EPA certification. It is important to take the exam seriously and pass it the first try. Most test takers pass it the first time. EPA certification is required for your employment in the United States and many other countries.

Tuition and Fees

The classes are kept small for a maximum learning experience. Tuition covers all the  classroom and lab materials and supplies used in our course work. It includes the textbook and training materials that we require. It includes the opportunity to take the EPA Certification Exam.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Air Conditioning Training School wants you to be satisfied with your training experience. So our guarantee to you is: if you are dissatisfied with your training experience and need to repeat part or the entire course, you can do so with no additional cost.

  •  Training Satisfaction Guarantee Guidelines:

  • You must enroll in the course or the part of the next time it is offered.

  • You will reuse the training materials that were provided in the previous training. You will  receive updated material if the course content changes.

Placement Services

We cannot guarantee you a job in the HVACR field but we will give you guidance for a successful transfer into this field. We will help you develop a resume. We will practice job interview skills with you to make your interviewing process more fruitful. You are welcome to contact us up to one year after graduation for resume updates, interview practice and a list of jobs that we may have available. We want you to succeed in the HVACR profession.

School Hours of Operation

Monday thru Thursday: 8:00am 5:00pm, lunch 11:30-12:30pm

Friday: 8:00am-noon, no afternoon class.

State of Texas Approved Training


This training program is Approved and Regulated by the Texas Workforce Commission, Career Schools and Colleges, Austin, Texas. The Texas Workforce Commission can be contacted at the address below:

          Texas Workforce Commission

            Career Schools and Colleges, Room 104T

101 East 15th Street

Austin, Texas 78778-0001

Publication Date December 2009



Nance Universal HVACR Technical School Inc. DBA as


2915A Milam Street

Beaumont, Texas 77701

Phone 409-838-6127 or 877-626-2322

Fax 409-838-6219

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